The Bird-in-Hand Vis-à-Vis Wagonette is used as a commercial vehicle for weddings, special occasions, and carriage rides in city parks. The French phrase vis-à-vis means face-to-face and passengers on this historic carriage exemplify this fact; they ride facing each other.

This Vis-à-Vis Wagonette is our special innovation in that it is designed with two separate seating compartments for multiple parties. The seating arrangement offers two groups of people the pleasure of facing each other and also the privacy of having their own separate space. It gives versatility to the commercial carriage owner who wants to drive with a full wagonette, but yet allows for intimate groupings and conversations.

Available in sizes to fit 15 to 18 hh 

Custom made to fit your specifications. Available with:

  • Heavy duty 2" wide wheels
  • 10" drum brakes on rear or all 4 wheels
  • LED headlights & taillights
  • Heavy duty fifth wheel
  • Heavy duty springs
  • Hexagrip flooring
  • Vinyl zipper cushions
  • Single shafts or pole for pair
  • Surrey fringe, folding top, or canopy
  • Many more options!

Top lowered for storage