The Bird-in-Hand Vis-à-Vis The Bird-in-Hand Vis-à-Vis is a great carriage for commercial wedding rides. It can be ordered with Cinderella tops and surrey fringe tops.

A Nigerian official ordered this Vis-à-Vis for use in state events in his country. After completion in Bird-in-Hand, it was transported to Pittsburgh where it was placed in a container and shipped to Africa.

Available in sizes to fit 15 to 18 hh 

Custom made to fit your specifications. Available with:

  • Heavy duty 2" wide wheels or metal wheels w/ 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" rubber
  • 8" drum brakes on rear or all 4 wheels
  • LED headlights & taillights
  • Heavy duty fifth wheel
  • Heavy duty springs
  • Hexagrip flooring
  • Vinyl zipper cushions
  • Single shafts or pole for pair
  • Surrey fringe, folding top, or canopy
  • Many more options!

LED headlights and tailights

Heavy duty 5th wheel

Front view

Vinyl zipper cusions

Buba tries out his new Bird-in-Hand Vis-a-Vis before it is shipped to Africa!

We can modify your BIH Vis-a-Vis with a Cinderella top!

The Cinderella wedding top makes wedding dreams come true!