The popular Bird-in-Hand Roadster is a front entry cart rather than one with a rear entry, something many people prefer for easy accessibility. It features an adjustable seat, which can be moved back and front to achieve better balance. A two-wheeled cart is considered somewhat safer for beginners than a four-wheeled vehicle. The Roadster’s uses are for show, training, pleasure driving, and combined driving events.

Available in sizes to fit 26“ to 40”
Approx. 140 lbs.

Included in Base Price:

  • Wooden body slats
  • Box under seat
  • Painted hubcaps
  • Double seat
  • Shifting rail seat
  • Patent leather on shafts
  • Wooden shafts with steel heel
  • Toe Rail
  • Plain vinyl or imitation cord upholstery
  • Wooden wheels