The Bird-in-Hand Mini Red Hawk was developed for versatility; it truly is one carriage that fits all. It can be used in all three events of combined driving. Basically a marathon vehicle, the Red Hawk can also be used for training, pleasure driving, sporting events, and can be dressed up for show. The goal is to make the Red Hawk affordable to as many carriage enthusiasts as possible.

Available in sizes to fit 11 to 14 hh
Approx. 340 lbs.

Included in base price:

  • 2-wheeled disc brakes
  • Shaft cover
  • Regular groom step
  • Aluminum hubcaps
  • Double seat
  • Independent metal
  • shafts w/ singletree
  • Plain vinyl or imitation
  • cord upholstery
  • Metal wheels with regular hubs
  • Regular whip socket
  • 1 1/2" wide solid tires
  • Platform spring suspension in front
  • Rear seats with seat backs
  • Tree cutters