The Bird-in-Hand Flexi-Shaft Meadowbrook Cart was one of the first two-wheeled carriages that our shop patterned after a traditional meadowbrook cart, complete with distinctive wooden fenders. We reproduced a flexi spring in the shaft to take the jog out of the movement of the horse, giving a smooth ride. The Flexi- Shaft Meadowbrook Cart has a folding seat for rear entry and is used for show and pleasure driving, such as Sunday afternoon drives. A steady and somewhat heavier cart, it is also used for exercising horses.

Available in sizes to fit 13 to 17 hh 
Approx. 320 lbs.

Included in base price:

  • Wooden dash
  • Meadowbrook fenders
  • Painted hubcaps
  • Double seat
  • Flexi shaft
  • Patent leather on shafts
  • Plain vinyl or imitation cord upholstery
  • Wooden wheels