The Bird-in-Hand Eaglet derives its name from the Bird-in-Hand Eagle because the front ends of the two carriages are the same. What makes the Eaglet different is the larger side panel and the fact that it is a two-wheeled carriage. It is a pleasure vehicle and can also be used for show and combined driving events.

Available in sizes to fit 12 to 18 hh 
Approx. 350 lbs.

Included in base price:

  • Painted hubcaps
  • Painted metalwork in choice of color
  • Oak panels
  • Double seat
  • Patent leather on shafts
  • Wooden shafts with steel heel
  • Plain vinyl or imitation cord upholstery
  • Wooden or metal wheels

Bonnie Evans drives her Bird-in-Hand Eaglet through a gorgeous landscape!

At the 2010 Lorenzo Driving Competition, JoAnne Frechette drives her sixyear-old Haflinger named Barbie to her brand new Bird-in-Hand Eaglet. JoAnne, along with Barbie, was the 2010 Novice Whip, Small & Large Single Pony Champion, Novice Whip Grand Champion, Pony Obstacles Champion, plus winning the H.O.P.E. Overall High Point Award. The setting is the scenic grounds of the Lorenzo State Historic Site in Cazenovia, New York. (Driver is JoAnne Frechette - Photograph by Gene Fletcher)

Pam Bond-Simmons drives her Bird-in-Hand Spindle Seat Eaglet in dressage at the Colorado Fall Follies CDE.

(Driver is Hans Neudel - Photograph by Deb Neudel)